Ishari Sahida a.k.a. Ari Wulu



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Phone      : +62 819 0410 5966

Address   : Jl. Gayam No.24 Jogjakarta 55225


Born in June 7th, 1979, at Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Deeply serious into the music business since 1998. Electronic Music is his main discipline. Also known as midiJUNKIE or WVLV, as a solo electronic music performer. He has managed an electronic music forum called SoundBoutique since 2005. Now he is developing a mobile application of gamelan while having some other music projects with friends.  

In 2009, he has involved seriously in order to manage Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival with his family. This festival has been held for more than 15 years, founded by his late father, in Yogyakarta. It has been 5 years he managed the festival with his sister.

He has been selected to hold Yogyakarta Art Fair (FKY) by Cultural Department of Yogyakarta (Dinas Kebudayaan Yogyakarta) in early 2013. Since then he has held the festival twice, which has good response from the people.


2005 – present Program Director of SoundBoutique Forum
2009 – present Program Director of Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival
2011 – present Sound Technician of Gameloft
2013 – present Board of Director on Yogyakarta Art Festival

Audioworks (selected)

  • Sound Design for Gamelan Multimedia Interactive of Taman Pintar Jogjakarta
  • Sound Design & Music Illustration for Indieguerillas ‘White Banyan Tree’ video art
  • Music for Medco U-20 Football League Opening Ceremony  
  • Sound Design & Music Illustration for Departemen Lingkungan Hidup broadcast commercial
  • Music Illustration for PSIM jingle & video commercial
  • Music for Opening Ceremony Liga Primer Indonesia
  • Sound Design in Chinese Man (FRA) – ‘The King’, as a collaborator
  • Music Illustration for Jogja Java Carnival
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Events (selected)

  • Board of Director FKY25
  • Show Director Pinasthika Award 2013
  • Program Director 18th International Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival
  • Audio Consultant for Biennale 2013
  • Show Director The Parade, clothing exhibition, 2014
  • Board of Director FKY26

Live Performances (selected)

  • Holla Hop 2 : ‘Taman Bunga, Burung, dan Darah’ at Bentara Budaya Jogjakarta, with Performance Fucktory and SKM
  • Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta at Tugu Jogjakarta, with SKM
  • Jogjakarta Electronic Music Movement: Mencari Harmoni 1 , Lembaga Indonesia Perancis, with The Brituress
  • Performance ‘Benik’ Lembaga Indonesia Perancis , with Performance Fucktory, Jogjakarta & Bandung
  • Contemporary Music Concert “Ning”, Purna Budaya Jogjakarta, bersama KBM Meruang Waktu
  • Performance ‘Freshed by Tranced’, Stadion UNY with Performance Fucktory
  • Electronic Music Festival : Mencari Harmoni 2, Stadion UNY, with The Brituress
  • Electronic Music Festival : Parkinsound 3, Sporthall Kridosono, with Mock Me Not
  • Electronic Music Festival : Parkinsound 4, Candi Prambanan, with SecondFloor
  • Performance ’Ah Kamu’, inside a moving regular bus, with Gardanalla Theater, Jogjakarta
  • Monologue performance ‘Kucing Hitam’ , Teater Kecil TIM Jakarta, with Joned Suryatmoko
  • ELECTROCITY, Snap Café Jogjakarta
  • Sound performance, FKY, Pasar Beringharjo Jogjakarta, with Venzha ‘Electrocore’
  • ‘Kingdom of Rebel’ , Kuala Lumpur, with HONF
  • Colors Café Surabaya, with Goodnight Electric
  • Tour 7 cities (Bandung, Pangandaran, Semarang, Solo, Jogjakarta, Malang, dan Denpasar ) with Van Katoen dan Mock Me Not
  • DJ performance ‘Club Sandwich’, Hugo’s Café Jogjakarta
  • Solo Performance FKY, Benteng Vredeburg Jogjakarta
  • Play performance ‘Delilah Tak Ingin Pulang Dari Pesta’ Gedung Societet Jogjakarta, FKY
  • Sound Instalation & Performance, ‘Tekan Bintang’,  Roommate Gallery Jogjakarta
  • Sound Performance “White Banyan Tree”, Galeri Biasa Bali, with Indieguerillas
  • Mime performance ‘Aku Malas Pulang ke Rumah’ with Bengkel Mime Theater
  • Sound Performance, Blueprint Exhibition, Tembi Gallery, Jogjakarta
  • Performance ‘Shakuntala’ , Salihara Jakarta, with Naomi Srikandi, Sri Qadaryatin, Raphael Doni, Clink Sugiarto
  • DJ performance, ‘Wizard’, Embassy Club Jogjakarta, with Bodhisattva
  • Video Werk: International Video Art Festival, Balai Pemuda Surabaya, bersama Chinese Man (FRA)
  • Yes No Klub , Jogjakarta, with Adam Trainer, Rod Cooper, Shoeb Ahmad, Bambu Wukir
  • Audio Visual Instalation, ‘BlackBox’, JEC Jogjakarta, with  Raphael Doni
  • DJ performance, ‘Electrified’, Liquid Café Jogja & Semarang, with SoundBoutique crew & Electrofux
  • Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, TBY, with Rene Lyslof (USA)
  • DJ performance, Hugo’s Café Malang, with Bodhisattva
  • Dance performance ‘Soda Untuk Cita’, LIP Jogjakarta, with The Migrating Troops
  • Kick Andy Show, Metro TV, ‘Komunitas Kreatif’, with SoundBoutique
  • DJ performance, ‘Submerged’, Mbargo Legian Bali, with Electrofux & Legendary Gatotkaca
  • Lifestyle, MNC TV, lifestyle program, with SoundBoutique
  • Live at Liputan6 SCTV, with SoundBoutique
  • Video Mapping at Mataram City Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Ceremony HONF’s Cellsbutton #6, with SoundBoutique
  • Live Performance with Bamboo Wukir at 17th Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival
  • Opening Ceremony ‘TRADIGITAL’ for FKY25 with Noranari Dance, #JVMP, DJ Innerlight, dan Ari Sumarsono.
  • Pementasan Teater ‘Margi Wuto’ kolaborasi bersama Joned Suryatmoko.
  • Music Illustration for #jampigugat with Kinanthi Sekar.

             ( )

  • Video Mapping for Youthyakarta Digiversary with Raphael Donny.

             ( )

  • “Sebuah Usaha Menulis Surat Cinta”, Puthut EA & Joned Suryatmoko.
  • “Tabularasa’, video mapping for FKY26, with Raphael Donny



  • Delegate of Honey Pot program in Adelaide Fringe Festival ( )
  • Art and Sound Experience in Java Jazz with Handoko Hendroyono, Darbotz, Hari Prast, Farid Stevy, and Jacob Gatot Sura. ( )